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About Me

As a teenager, my favorite place to hang out was Cable Airport. Paul Cable hired me for my first job, driving the fuel truck and pumping fuel for the airport.
Ken Earl
At the age of sixteen, I started my flying lessons. At seventeen, I became a Private Pilot.

I have been a Flight Instructor for over twenty years. I’ve given flight instruction at all levels, Private through Flight Instructor, single engine and multi engine.

While in college I was hired to fly a Cessna Citation. This job gave me the jet experience to be hired by the airlines. At twenty-three, United Airlines hired me. I started as a Flight Engineer on the Boeing 727. While still on probation, (one year probation), I bought a Cessna Skylane . I flew the Skylane all over the country during my 19 years of ownership. In July of 2005, I had the opportunity to buy a Cessna Turbo Centurion. So, the Skylane was sold to make room in my hangar, at Cable Airport, for my new airplane.

After three years as a Flight Engineer, I upgraded to First Officer on the Boeing 737- 200. A year and a half later I moved up to the Boeing 757/767. I flew as a First Officer on the 757/767 for two years. At the age of thirty I became one of the youngest Captains for United Airlines. I was a Captain on the Boeing 737-300/500 for fourteen years and accumulated over 9000 hours. I currently fly as Captain on the Airbus, models 319/320.

I have helped many people set and reach goals in the aviation community. I have given a lot of career direction, as well as, helping people choose and purchase the right aircraft to own and operate. As an F.A.A. Designated Pilot Examiner, I look forward to helping you and inspiring you to reach your dreams and goals in the world of aviation.